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[[get get get. in line and settle down.]]

I did this before a few years back, here's an update.

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your iPod/iTunes or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! Then tag your friends.

1.)tokyo police club - since U been gone.

2.)tokyo police club - cheer it on.

3.)the academy is... - the phrase that pays.

4.)fatboy slim - gangster tripping.

5.)nirvana - breed.

6.)the hush sound - wine red (tommie sunshine's brooklyn fire retouch).

7.)no doubt - sailin' on.

8.)real estate - out of tune

9.)digitalism - pogo.

10.)blondie - sunday girl.

11.)ladytron - seventeen (soulwax mix).

12.)smashing pumpkins - real love.

13.)los campesinos! - by your hand.

14.)dj tiesto feat. tegan & sara - feel it in my bones.

15.)robyn - fembot.

16.)the strokes - under control.

17.)metronomy - a thing for me.

18.)lady sovereign - 9 to 5.

19.)blondie - one way or another.

20.)the kills - no wow.

21.)the killers - this river is wild.

22.)jusTice - d.a.n.c.e.

23.)morrissey - interesting drug.

24.)gwen stefani - early winter.

25.)interpol - pda.


my favorite song this week....
no doubt - push & shove.

Tags: alternative, contemporary, itunes, list, music, no doubt, pop, rock, top 25
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