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I bought Paris is Burning from around 3 weeks ago. I was seeing this guy and he talked about how great it was. We were supposed to watch it but.. then we didn't.

So I had this DVD, unopened, laying around. I guess that isn't even unusual for me. I totally buy movies and music to use later. My friend Mike always gives me a hard time. I think a few times he purposely asked to borrow a few DVDs just so they would get opened.
Back to Paris is Burning though, I wasn't sure that I'd even like it. I was wondering if I should just send it back to

Well, I opened it and.. it was amazing.
I think I can't help but be fascinated by drag queens. I can't recall the last time that I went and saw a drag show.. I even have times where I say that I don't like drag shows.... This film had really interesting footage from drag balls in 1987... I'm going to be vogueing and shading like miss honey for days.

The awful part is pretty much everyone featured in the documentary has since died of HIV/AIDS or strangled to death while hooking.
It's unfortunate that this is the reality of those featured in Paris is Burning. I think someone interviewed in the film said to the effect of the drag ball performers putting so much energy and time into being fabulous at the ball but that when they weren't at the ball they went back to being nobody.

I would also like to add that when one of the queens died IRL, they found a mummified corpse in a trunk in her apartment.

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